Bitcoin Fog legit onion link (2021)

What is Bitcoin Fog?

If you think your funds on Bitcoin wallet and transactions are completely anonymous – you are mistaken. Bitcoin isn’t anonymous at all, and today regulators are making more and more measures to trace cryptocurrencies. However, anonymity can be achieved if you know how to work with btc correctly.

Is it safe to use Bitcoin Tumblers?

Bitcoin Fog is the first btc tumbler ever built. It is used mostly for the coins from dark markets. It was developed in early 2014, when there were no other bitcoin mixing services. The service works only in TOR onion network. It uses its own mixing technology. This technology mixes coins from multiple bitcoiners in one “master transaction,” which will be distributed to respective outputs given by those who provided the input. Thus, this “mixing” of coins and addresses makes it virtually impossible to tell who sent bitcoins to what address and thus ensuring anonymity.