Cannazon marketplace closes the doors after long DDoS-attack

Some users reported on famous deepweb forum Dread that one of the largest marketplaces in the darknet focused on the sale of marijuana products, Cannazon, closed last week. The reason for the closure was long-term DDoS attacks on the resource.

As the resource administrators explained in a message signed with the site’s PGP key, they are officially retiring and this is not an exit scam. The message was published last week, November 23, 2021, and now Cannazon has already stopped working.

Journalists write that in early November, the site was subjected to a powerful DDoS attack. Then the administrators reduced the number of orders and kept the marketplace offline for a while to mitigate the problems, but this only caused panic in the community, as users were afraid of exit scam.

In their statement, the admins apologized for the lack of transparency and lack of information about how they handled the attacks:

“We are very sorry that we had to keep you in the dark for the last few days. In our opinion, this was the best way to prevent attempts by some vendors to arrange an exit scam, harming you and the entire community. If one of the vendors could not receive all their multi-signature bitcoin transactions, they will be able to receive them through an encrypted message that will be published on Dread this week.”

Cannazon market admin said

After the closure of Canon, most likely, other sites with the same name will appear, but at a new Tor address. Such resources will be managed by scammers seeking to deceive users of the real Cannazon. The appearance of fake clone sites is a common phenomenon after the closure of a well-known site in the darknet.