One of the most famous carding shops Joker’s Stash was disrupted by the FBI and Interpol.

The experts from the FBI and Interpol seized control of several proxy-servers of a large carding platform joker’s stash, thereby temporarily disrupting the operation of the site. Interpol officials told reporters that a coordinated police operation was still underway, but declined to comment on the details.

Special landing pages, informing about the confiscation of domains, appeared on the Joker’s Stash sites: jstash.bazar, jstash.lib, jstash.emc and jstash.coin. The publication notes that these sites use top-level domains and are managed by the blockchain company Emercoin. The nameservers for these domains are stored in the blockchain and cannot be transferred to anyone without the cryptographic signature of the domain owner.

Experts of the KELA infosec company paid the attention of journalists to the fact that the operators of Joker’s Stash have already recognized the fact that the failures in the work of the site occurred due to this incident. However, they write that the authorities have only arrested external servers, and it will not take much time to configure new servers.

According to Gemini Advisory, the carding service has been operating since the end of 2014 and often publishes dumps with sensitive bank-data.

The Joker’s Stash often gets on the pages of the media and in the reports of experts, due to huge dumps containing data of millions of bank cards. For example, recently we can recall the BIGBADABOOM-III dump related to the compromise of the American Wawa store chain, or a major leak of credit and debit cards issued by banks and financial organizations in the South Korea and the US.

Because of this, Gemini Advisory believes that ” the marketplace has already earned hundreds of millions of dollars of illegal profits, although this money, among other things, is received by the sellers themselves.”